Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is Your Cat Sick? What You Should Be Watching For

As a cat owner there are certain things you should be watching for. Cats are just like us, they have times when they feel good and times when they just don't feel good and times when they are sick. You should know your cat well enough to spot these different symptoms. After all your cat can't tell you but his actions should give you plenty warning.

Here's a list of common health problems that may affect your cat.


As cats get older just like people they become less active. They tend to stay home more, become less energetic and may not eat regularly. If it's eating habits change drastically it could be a sign of diabetes. Watch his drinking and urination habits, if he goes to the bathroom more often than normal and always seems to be thirsty its time take him to the friendly neighborhood vet for a check up.

Is Your Cat Sick? What You Should Be Watching For

Changing your cats diet may cause a sever case of diarrhea. If this happens you can keep him on the same diet and see if it continues after a few days or go back to the original food source. In either case if the diarrhea continues its probably due to something else, a virus or some other infection. If this is the case it's time to seek professional help.

Cats can also contract FIV. Somewhat similar to HIV, the dreaded disease contacted by humans. The only way you can be sure this never happens is to keep your cat in there house so he never comes in contact with other cats that may pass along this disease. This is the only way you can truly keep you cat safe from the numerous ailments that can be passed along from other felines. FIV can be disastrous for your cat. If suspected you should again seek professional help to avoid losing your pet.

If your cat begins to throw up the first thing you should take note of is; does this happen after he eats certain foods? His system just like ours changes, what once had no affect can change due to age or metabolism, if after eating certain foods he vomits, change his diet to see if it helps. He may have developed an allergy that he didn't have before. Another reason might be the common hairball. Brush his coat frequently to remove loose hairs and the problem may disappear. Throwing up can lead to dehydration. Try to get your cat to drink plenty of fluids to avoid this problem.

When your pet is a cat, as with any other animal, observation is your best weapon. Watch him and observe his habits. When you notice a difference try to figure out the cause, it might be something simple or it might be something serious. As the owner you have to decide when it's time to take serious action. Your cat is depending on you. Don't let him down.

Is Your Cat Sick? What You Should Be Watching For

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