Friday, October 28, 2011

Men's Health Magazine - An Insight

Men's health magazine is one of the biggest men's magazine brands. It has its reach to up to 12 million readers around the world on a monthly basis and boasts of 38 editions.

As the name suggests, the magazine covers various aspects of men's lifestyle and health like nutrition, sexuality and fitness.

Men Health

The magazine was first launched in the year 1987, by founding editor Mark Bricklin. The magazine when launched was aimed to be a health oriented magazine. With rise in popularity and increase in readership it has gradually evolved into a lifestyle magazine for men.

The magazine covers all aspect of a men's life like health, fitness, travel, technology, relationships, nutrition, finance and fashion. Promoted as a magazine which is a must read for successful, active and intelligent men, it is ideal for those men who want to make the most of their emotional, professional and physical self.

The magazine confidently says that it provides men with the tools which help them make their lives better. The magazine remains as the best selling lifestyle magazine for men in the world. It provides men with practical and positive advice on the small steps which can lead them to big gains. The magazine shares some exclusive ideas with men which they cannot get elsewhere.

The magazine covers every aspect of lifestyle that interests men- food, sex and sports. It has set a standard, a definition for success what success means to men. According to the magazine, men's success should be defined with a combination of factors like living well, achieving goals, looking as well as feeling good and enjoying great relationships.

The magazine has proved to be the lifestyle guru of men all around the world. Over the years, it has grown on to become every man's very own life coach and kind of personal trainer. It guides you regarding your eating habits by sharing good eating habits with you. You also get tips on general health and weight loss.

The magazine has received many awards over the year and it continues to deliver its best work in travel and wealth, grooming, gear and style and not to forget the very best in sex and relationships.

Thus, it has proved to be a one stop shop for everything that is of interest to men. And if you want to lead a perfect and successful life then get yourself a subscription today!

Men's Health Magazine - An Insight

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Restore Your Youth With Natural Testosterone Supplements For Men

Men: Have you noticed a decrease in your libido? Are you not as sexually active? Have you lost muscle mass and added a layer of body fat to your mid-section? Do you feel listless, tired, stressed and unmotivated?

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for libido and muscle building -but a loss of testosterone can also affect your bone density and lead to osteoporosis (weak bones) too.

Men Health

Without adequate testosterone, your moods and attitudes will suffer -you may even feel depressed, bored and uninterested in life.

Testosterone also regulates red blood cell production and fat distribution in certain areas of your body -such as your pectoral region, the abdominal area and the upper arm.

There are essentially two reasons that male testosterone begins to decline:

Male testosterone production begins to decline at the rate of about 1% per year after the age of 30 Stressful lifestyle, environmental toxins, poor nutrition and lack of physical exercise lead to declining testosterone production

But just because declining testosterone is a natural phenomenon or the result of a modern lifestyle is no reason to accept the side-effects as your modern reality.

Don't you remember how strong you felt -how powerful and bullet-proof you felt when you were younger?

You can have those feelings back -and without dangerous drugs or over-the-counter pills and potions that are filled with toxic fillers and harmful additives.

There are very high quality, natural testosterone supplements specifically engineered for men to naturally improve their libido and increase their muscle mass while restoring their youthful vigor.

Consider these three natural herbal supplements to increase your natural testosterone production:

Holy Basil-will balance your neurotransmitters and protect the body from environmental and lifestyle stress. Pantethine-will help alleviate early morning fatigue, fight the effects of lifestyle stress and is also great at restoring proper blood cholesterol levels. Tribulus-is a fantastic natural testosterone booster and when taken at night, naturally improves sleep and restorative functions of the body.

As with any change in diet and before taking any natural herbal supplement, always check with your doctor or health care practitioner prior to adopting any change. This article is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

Take good care of your body and it will take good care of you.

~To Your Good Health!

Restore Your Youth With Natural Testosterone Supplements For Men

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis and the Affect on Men's Health!

Figures released show that five Australian men pass away each hour from conditions that could have been avoided? One of these conditions is Type 2 diabetes.

There are just over 22 million people living in Australia; there are over 304,000 million people living in the United States. Rather than five men dying every hour, the numbers for the United States are much higher. Regardless of how low or high the number is, any one, any man who passes away from a condition that can be avoided appears to be a waste of life.

Men Health

Living the Life You Choose:

While death is seen as a part of life, there's no need to bring it about before absolutely necessary... the average life span for a male now is 75... five years less than the average lifespan for females. One of the main reasons women live longer is that they go to the doctor for more checkups and are quicker at reporting bothersome symptoms. Why not think about an annual visit to your doctor? A 20-minute visit can do more than save your life, it could even lead to a better quality of life. After all, your doctor will check:
your heart prostate gland lungs blood pressure and cholesterol levels

And of course your blood sugar levels and HbA1c.

Your doctor will take into consideration the other medical issues you have and whether or not they are related to Type 2 diabetes.

Impotence is a common complaint of men with diabetes... between one third and two thirds of men with Type 2 diabetes have trouble getting an erection. Another sexual problem linked to diabetes is retrogade ejaculation, in which ejaculation goes backward into the bladder. This affects roughly 2% of men who have Type 2. Don't hesitate to mention impotency issues... quality of life is also important.

Avoiding the Type 2 Diagnosis?

Did you want to think that your Type 2 diabetes diagnosis was a mistake? You didn't want to hear those words; so maybe if you ignore the diagnosis, it will go away. But it's not just diabetes you are thinking about avoiding... it's any condition. It's the biggest reason that so many men die from preventable conditions.

Type 2 diabetes can be controlled and it's possible to live a healthy life minus heart attacks and strokes. An accurate check of your long-term sugar control is measured by a test called HbA1c which gives an accurate reading of how much sugar is being carried in your red blood cells. Many doctors recommend this test be performed at least twice yearly.

Diabetes is a long-term condition that will affect you every day for the rest of your life. Try to accept your Type 2 diabetes... at this time there is no known cure. You can live the life you choose... by making changes in you lifestyle to support your treatment goals, you can still be flexible in your day-to-day activities and have a long rewarding life.

Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis and the Affect on Men's Health!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vitamins For Prostate Health

Vitamins and Minerals for a Healthy Prostate

One of the ways a man can make certain that he gets and maintain a healthy prostate is by making sure they are not vitamin or mineral deficient.

Men Health

Below are 8 Vitamins and Minerals that have been shown to have a positive effect on the prostate.

The very best way to make sure that you get an adequate supply of these is to eat a healthy diet.

1. Beta-Carotene - Research has shown that beta-carotene intake was linked to a strong correlation with reduced prostate cancer in Japanese men.

2. Magnesium. Most people do not maintain proper levels of magnesium. For this reason, many people would greatly benefit from supplementing their diet with magnesium.

3. Selenium Initial evidence from the Nutritional Prevention of Cancer (NPC) trial suggests that selenium supplementation reduces the risk of prostate cancer among men with normal baseline PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels, and low selenium blood levels.

4. Vitamin K2 An increased intake of vitamin K2 may reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 35 per cent, suggest results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC).

5. Vitamin B6 Vitamin B6 benefits more of our body processes than any other mineral or vitamin.

6. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxident and one that every man should take for a healthy prostate.

7. Vitamin E A clinical trial of vitamin E and ß-carotene supplementation for lung cancer prevention among male smokers in Finland recently reported an unexpected, strong protective effect of vitamin E against prostate cancer incidence and mortality.

8. Zinc In prostatitis, zinc levels are only ONE-TENTH of those in a normal prostate. (Fair and Heston,1977; Pfeiffer, 1978) One time-tested prostate remedy is eating pumpkin seeds. It is no surprise that pumpkin seeds are a good source of zinc

A Word About Supplements:

Even a slight search online will bring up page after a page of EXPENSIVE 'Miracle Cure' Prostate Supplements.

I feel many of these sites are simply taking advantage of the desperation that a man feels when his doctors informs him that "You may have prostate cancer"

My own research has proven that many of the supplements that people are charging hundreds of dollars a month for fall short in three vital areas:

1. They offer NO clinical proof or FDA proof that they work.

2. The EXACT same supplements are readily available at a fraction of the cost at your local health shop or supermarket.

3. They often ignore the need for changing your diet and exercise. Tha fact remains that if you eat like a pig and never exercise, all the supplements in the world are unlikely to do you much good!

You owe it to yourself to find out all you can about how to get and maintain a healthy prostate but make sure you don't get sidetracked by hype along the way...

Vitamins For Prostate Health

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Extenze - Comparing Extenze With Other Male Enhancement Pills

What is Extenze?

There are dozens of male enhancement pills in the market and Extenze is one of the most popular ones. It is a natural dietary supplement, which enhances the size of your erections and makes them last longer. Another effect of this product is that it gives you more intense orgasms. However, the most thought after effect of Extenze (and other male enhancement pills) is increased erection size (that is why they are sometimes called penis enlargement pills in articles and advertisements). In this article, we will look at Extenze and find out how it compares with other similar products.

Men Health

How Extenze Compares With Other Male Enhancement Products and Methods?

Prescription Drugs. Extenze is a herbal product and thus doesn't require doctor's prescription (and for a male enhancement product, this is very important because few men fancy visiting a doctor and explaining their penis size problem).Synthetic Drugs. Extenze contains only natural ingredients, so it doesn't have any side effects. Common side-effects associated with synthetic drugs include heart diseases and other heart conditions.Penis Pumps or Weights. These are ineffective and potentially harmful. Also, taking a pill twice a day is much better than having a weight hanging from your penis for a few hours each day. Do not use these penis enhancement methods if you don't want to risk permanent impotence.Penis Surgery and Penis Implants. These should be used as a last resort technique only, because it is very expensive and has severe complications. Doctors will not recommend or approve penis surgery unless you have a micropenis (less than 2.5 cm or 1 inch in erect state).
Will Extenze or Other Male Enhancement Pills Work For Me?

As comparison above shows, natural male enhancement pills are pretty much the only option if you are looking for a safe and effective male enhancement method. In rare cases Extenze may not work for you but its money-back guarantee makes sure that you won't lose money in either case. Men have certainly increased erection size using Extenze and other similar pills, but the only way to see if it works for you specifically, is to try it.

Extenze - Comparing Extenze With Other Male Enhancement Pills

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Free Men's Health Tips

Health is one of the most important aspects of man's life. Without health no one can be happy or successful. The fulfillment of all your goals, dreams and wishes are dependent on health. For men, there are some particular health tips which can ensure their well being. Following these guidelines allows them to remain safe from diseases. It also enables them to live to the fullest and enjoy the blessings of life. Here are some tips which can ensure your health if you follow them properly.

Firstly, you need to monitor what you eat. Eating whatever you like does not always work. This is for the reason that the present-day man has unhealthy life choices in general. Most people stick to junk food which does not do much good to their well being. In fact, this kind of food proves to be detrimental for your health. Instead you have to eat healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products etc. A balanced diet is ideal for every man who desires to have a healthy body. Make sure you take fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals in desirable quantities so that all your body functions may work properly.

Men Health

Other than healthy diet, men must exercise on regular basis. When you exercise, harmful agents from your body are released. You are also able to improve your blood flow. Also, you get several other health benefits by exercising everyday. Men who exercise have stronger bodies. They not only remain safe from diseases but also look more attractive.

Drinking plenty of water everyday is another great men's health tip. Water is essential for you as it helps to regulate body temperature. Different body parts are in need of water to function properly. You remain safe from dehydration as well as constipation by having plenty of water everyday. According to health experts, it is recommended to have at least 8 full glasses of water every day.

Another very important health tip for men is to have healthy lifestyle. You must not take excessive alcohol or smoke. They only damage your health and create several fitness issues for you. Men who smoke are prone to lung cancer and scores of other diseases. Also, they have low stamina and constipation issues. If you desire to have a healthy life, you ought to stay away from smoking which reduces years from your life.

Free Men's Health Tips

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Man Boobs Epidemic - What is Causing the Male Breast Phenomenon?

As of today there is still no medical or scientific consensus on the exact causes of male breasts (gynecomastia). What is generally agreed is that in the majority of cases the condition results from an imbalance between the male hormone testosterone and the female hormone oestrogen. It is thought that this is why gynecomastia effects so many adolescent boys during puberty and why so many men develop breasts in later life when their testosterone levels drop off naturally.

But for every teenager and retiree whose man boobs can be explained by natural hormonal swings and cycles there are other incidences of the condition involving men across a broad range of ages and backgrounds. In a huge number of these cases the causes remain a mystery.

Men Health

So what are the possibilities?  Here are a few of the likeliest suspects.
Obesity Some people view the man boobs epidemic simply as a knock on effect of the obesity epidemic. Studies have shown that obese people have lower levels of testosterone. The problem with this hypothesis is that it's far from clear whether it is the obesity which leads to the drop in testosterone or the testosterone deficiency that leads to the weight gain. There are also plenty of gynecomastia cases which effect men with relatively low fat levels. Marijuana Some studies have indicated that prolonged marijuana use may lead to reduced sex drive and reduced testosterone production Alcohol Excessive alcohol consumption has been show to inhibit testosterone secretion both in the short term and long term. Oestrogen Pollution The elephant in the room when it comes to the subject of gynecomastia. The extensive use of female contraceptive and hormone replacement products has led to a flood of oestrogen in the water system, leading to sexual abnormalities in fish and other aquatic creatures and (some suspect) to a contamination of drinking water.

Similarly the widespread use of oestrogen-like chemicals in pesticides, herbicides and animal feed has also raised concerns that the food chain may also be tainted.

Until more definitive research has been carried out it is impossible to say with any certainty which, if any, of the above factors is responsible for increased prevalence of gynecomastia in modern society.

We are also faced with the worrying possibility that there isn't one single factor responsible, but several - that it is the combination of our sedentary, over-indulgent lifestyles with the gradual chemical pollution of our environment which is causing the man boobs epidemic.

If this does turn out to be the case then there will be no quick or easy fix and the problem could be about to get an awful lot worse.

Man Boobs Epidemic - What is Causing the Male Breast Phenomenon?

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Look Like a Men's Fitness Magazine Cover Model - Men's Workouts That Truly Work

How can we achieve a body (and face) just like that of a men's fitness magazine cover model through workouts? If you've always wanted to really spruce up your look and look phenomenal in doing so, then continue reading further, because in this article we'll reveal ways in which practically any man can beef up his regime and look fantastic in doing so!

We'll take a look at some men's workouts that really seem to do the trick, including the little known Hollywood "secret", face exercises! Let's first take a look at what's really necessary to create an impact, a real lasting change within your body: First of all, you might need to lose weight in certain areas. Next, you will want to tone and sculpt some of your muscles, of course, not forgetting your facial muscles!

Men Health

So how exactly does one do it ? How can you look more and more like a men's fitness magazine cover model more and more each day?

You can start out with what's known as interval cardio training. This is a insanely unique method for enhancing your resting metabolic rate and therefore increasing your fat loss, etc. You start out as you normally would any cardio workout. You start with your typical men's workout by warming up for 5 or so minutes. Next step will be where the intervals come in. You quickly step it up a notch and really intensely go as hard as you safely possibly can for the next 1-2 minutes. Then after this is done, you go back to the normal pace of motion for another 1-2 minutes. Rinse and repeat until your entire workout is done. And that's it! Now I must mention that you will want to do this for at least 20 minutes. Actually, 20 minutes is just the perfect combination!

Why? Simple. It works! In fact, it works so well that a 20 minute workout has just the amount of force as a slow, hours worth of hard sweat!

Next, you can do 200 sit-ups daily. Start with 50 regular crunches, followed by 50 oblique crunches on each side at 50 each also. You'll want to finish up the ab exercises with 50 leg raises. These are great for the lower ab region.

With your diet, you should simply eat smaller, more frequent meals every 3-4 hours. What's ideal to eat? How about lean proteins such as chicken, fish, meats, turkey, etc. Top off your meal with a large serving of vegetables and there you have it!

Your next step towards getting a men's fitness magazine cover model looks would be with muscle/bodybuilding. Simply work out all the major muscle areas every other day and there you go. For instance, focus on day on your arms, chest and abs. Then the next day do your legs, etc.

Your next step would be to build the perfect face. How exactly is a guy to do this? That's easy, through face and neck exercises! These men's workouts can be performed virtually anywhere, even while driving!

With face exercises you can sculpt and define a chiseled jaw line, build up your cheekbones, re-define your chin and even help remove annoying double chin syndrome! What's more, you can also help reduce under eye puffiness and bags from under the eyes!

So here you have it guys! With this short, brief outline, there is absolutely no way you can't achieve that male models body you've always wanted and dreamed of! You owe it to yourself to achieve this ultimate "dream" body, so why not try your best to pull it off starting today!

How to Look Like a Men's Fitness Magazine Cover Model - Men's Workouts That Truly Work

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stomach Exercises For Men

We men want to keep a nice and tight stomach, and on top of that have ripped six pack abs. Is it impossible? Quite the contrary my friend, stomach exercises for men are what you need in order to get the results you want!

So, what are the best stomach exercises for men? If you think they are exercises for the stomach on weight machines you are wrong. The best exercises for losing your stomach can be performed anywhere you feel free to do it, let's look at them.

Men Health

The Vacuum

The vacuum is one of the forgotten stomach exercises for men. It's a breathing exercise that will work your transverse abdominal muscles, the deeper set of muscles in your stomach. The steps are pretty simple:

Slowly Inhale until your lungs are full.
While slowly exhaling, bring your belly button towards your spine.
Once you feel your sides tighten it means it is working. Hold the position for 10 seconds.
Exhale. This is one repetition. Repeat 10 times.

The Bicycle Exercise

Recent studies have shown that the bicycle is the exercise that triggers the most activity on your abs. This makes it an excellent stomach exercise for men, and it works many parts of the abs section at once.

Lie on a flat surface; make sure your lower back is pressed on the ground.
Take your hands behind your ears. Then bring up your knees at a 45 degree angle.
Start doing a bicycle pedalling motion. Touch your elbow with the opposite knee (right elbow with left knee and so on, alternating).
Breathe relaxed and evenly throughout the whole exercise.

The Vertical Leg Crunch

The vertical leg crunch is a variation of the common crunch. It adds a twist to the movement, increasing its power.

Lie on your back on a flat surface, using a mat or a towel.
Put your hands behind your ears.
Lift your legs into the air locking them at the ankles and bending slightly your knees.
Raise your head, shoulders and upper back to a 30 degree angle by using your abs.
Go back slowly and repeat for a set.

The Plank

Did you think Pilates was just for women? Pilates have excellent stomach exercises for men, since they work the core area of your body, giving you superior strength. Here's how to do the most effective exercise, the plank:

Lie face down.
With your elbows push your body and stay on your elbows and fingertips.
Hold for 30-60 seconds.
Repeat 3 times.

These stomach exercises for men will give you strength and definition. However don't forget your cardio routine and a healthy diet if you want the six pack to fully show.

Stomach Exercises For Men

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Men's Health - How To Lose Man Boobs

The medical name for the condition is gynecomastia (gyneacomastia) which in the Greek language means man with breasts. The vernacular for the condition is "man boobs" or "moobs". There are two varieties of man boobs. There are two prime causes of the condition and this is the best way to differentiate between the two types. The physical symptoms of gynecomastia are:

-puffy nipples

Men Health

-oversized nipples

-enlarged breasts

-excessive fatty tissue in the chest

-excessive fatty tissue in the breasts

-hormone imbalance with either too little testosterone or too much estrogen.

All of the symptoms do not necessarily coexist. This condition is defined as gynecomastia. It is caused by either 'hormone imbalance' or 'obesity.'

Man boobs can occur for various reasons. Often the age of the male involved is a factor. Often pre-teenage males and adolescents temporarily suffer from hormone imbalances which result in physical manifestations like man boobs. This is temporary and passes with puberty or time. In adult males, hormone imbalances could happen naturally or they could be the result of medication. Irrelevant of age, man boobs will cause embarrassment which will have psychological effects if not treated.

When obesity is the cause of man boobs, the obvious solution is to lose weight. By making sensible life style choices, one can reduce one's weight. Dieting alone can reduce one's weight. However, if you combine a sensible diet with exercise, the results will happen more quickly and more likely be permanent. There are many options which address weight loss. Surgery is one possible strategy to remove the fatty chest tissue. One must consider the cost, the risk of scarring, and the general risks associated with any surgery before selecting this option. When using exercise to reduce chest fat, one must be certain to perform effective exercises or to tell your trainer what you want to accomplish. This may be embarrassing, but if you do not level with yourself and your trainer, you actually may increase your chest size by doing the wrong kind of exercises.

If hormone imbalance is the cause of man boobs, then one must work toward a proper balance of testosterone and estrogen. There are medical products available. However, with pharmaceutical products one must accept the risks associated with recalls, side effects, human error in diagnosing, packaging and dispensing, and so on. Using all natural supplements, is another alternative but there are still some risks involved here as the human factor is involved in packaging and dispensing. The ideal solution is to use your diet to adjust the hormonal balance within your body.

The subject of man boobs is often treated lightly with funny comments. Examples of ridicule are found in the recent movie "Knocked Up" and the TV show "Family Guy". However, are you too embarrassed to wear a t-shirt? Do you avoid swimming because you must take off your shirt before you get in the water? Is your love life suffering because your partner does not find your man boobs attractive or comfortable? Are you too embarrassed to be seen in public with or without a shirt? Suddenly, the subject is not so humorous.

Save yourself some emotional trauma and seek treatment whether you suffer from hormone imbalance or obesity. Get some information. Find out how to lose man boobs. There is nothing to risk in looking, all you have to lose is your "man boobs".

Men's Health - How To Lose Man Boobs

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Treatments to Do in Regard to Male Yeast Infection

You may question if male yeast infection really does occur. Yes, as vaginal infections experienced by women, the males can as well suffer from such ailment. Some may even grow a rash in the shaft of their penis. Some also find the occurrence of itching and swelling of the crotch area and rashes at the top of the penis' shaft.

If you undergo male yeast infection, do not be hesitating to go directly to a doctor to have it cured as early as possible. You may also go to the nearest drugstore as well as buy over-the counter-medicines, whichever is suitable for you.

Men Health

Male Yeast Infection: The Treatments

Male yeast infection can be cured almost as the same as vaginal yeast infection is treated. If you are among those suffering from yeast problem on male, you can use topical cream and ointments, tablets and capsules, and there are even the natural medicines such as herbal medicines. Nonetheless, unlike vaginal yeast infections, there's no medicine or healing in particular that is designed to treat yeast problem on males.

Be aware of the dos and the don'ts of the illness when you have male yeast infection. You need to prevent wearing tight pants. Tight pants tend to make the area warm where these organisms will stay around. It would as well be useful for you to change your diet.

You're recommended to stay away from eating food like grain, apples, corn, red meat, and peanuts as the causal reasons of yeast problem on male. Additionally, when going swimming, you should change clothes as soon as possible to prevent moisture from occurring in the crotch area.

Above all, you'd better discuss with a doctor or buy a medicine for cure at your nearest drugstore. Don't be ashamed, use your right to seek advantageous help and get yourself away from male yeast infection.

Treatments to Do in Regard to Male Yeast Infection

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Counseling For Men

It's November again and that is traditionally the time to grow a mustache. Yep, November becomes Movember!

Movember is the word wide campaign to raise money for men's illnesses, especially prostate cancer. The campaign started in Australia and has been running for the last seven years. It's now a worldwide event. Prostate cancer kills one in ten men in the UK, one man dies every hour of every day- shocking figures. What makes it worse is that it is a cancer that can be treated if it's caught early enough. The advice is to have your prostate checked every year if you are a man over fifty. If you have a history of cancer in your family then you should move this forward to your forties. So why don't men get checked out?

Men Health

I'm afraid compared to women us blokes are a bit emotionally stunted. We are how we are because of the way in which we were brought up. It's not our fault. We struggle with emotions because we were taught at an early age that men are strong, do not cry, and work through situations regardless of how we feel about things. Many of us grew up with emotionally remote fathers and had little modeling of doing anything other than "being strong". Women are complicitous in this message and often support it covertly. This also serves a purpose in work and when times get tough. It can be a very useful behaviour when things are hard and I am not for a minute suggesting that we go around crying and acting out at the slightest provocation. It's about getting the balance right.

So what does being emotionally limited cost us men?

We tend to get stuck when situations with high emotions come along. Many men either go to a numb place or we express ourselves using the emotion that we have learnt is safest - i.e. anger. This can alienate us from our loved ones and get us into trouble with those around us. We tend to ignore worries or niggles until they have built up, so if we are feeling pain or discomfort we don't go to the doctors and get it checked out, we store it up until we are in agony then find out we have left it too late and done ourselves serious damage. Prostate cancer is a great example of this. We ignore the early symptoms (difficulty passing urine, increased frequency of passing urine, pain when passing urine or maybe blood in the urine) and only get it checked out when we are in great pain and it's passed into our bones too, and then we die. We avoid talking to others about how we feel lest they think we are weak. Our problems mount up and we think that the only way out is to kill ourselves. Men are four times more likely to commit suicide than women in the UK (figures from the office for national statistics).

How can we put the situation right?

There is no doubt that working with a good counselor is a great way of restoring the balance. Counselors come in all shapes and sizes and you will find some male therapists that ooze emotions and some women therapists that are very "thinking" in the way they do things. Go meet a few and make your decision based on who you feel comfortable with. You can also do things without the support of a counselor. Here are three suggestions:

The first step is getting in touch with how you feel. This could be achieved by just sitting and giving yourself time to feel your feelings instead of rushing around all the time. Secondly, start talking to those closest to you about what's going on for you. You might begin this process by doing the easy stuff in general conversation. What are you enjoying in your life? What's really pissing you off? Are you feeling sad about anything? This is a great way to bond with your loved ones as it invites closeness and intimacy. Thirdly, as you open up, start expressing the stronger emotions you are feeling at the time you are feeling them rather than storing them up. Action feeling statements are great for this "When you (their behaviour) I feel (your feeling) so in future I would like you to (corrected behaviour). Keep it focused on behaviour and don't let it slip into criticism. Your emotion has been expressed and the other person knows what you want. A much better solution than getting very angry and doing damage either emotionally or physically.

I guess our ultimate goal is to feel our emotions so we can be in tune with those around us and make strong connections. We can also teach our sons and daughters that being a powerful man is not just about physical strength, but also involves the ability to connect with others, have empathy and access to the whole spectrum of emotions.

Counseling For Men

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Candidiasis in Men - How to Cure Male Candidiasis, Fast & Permanently

Candidiasis in men is a yeast infection, commonly of the penis, mouth or skin. And Candidiasis in men is more common than you might think. It's just not talked about as much, and, men are far more secretive about problems 'down under'. But Candidiasis in men exists and must be treated with the same seriousness as in women.

The main symptoms of penile Candidiasis are; a red rash with white lesions on the head of the penis, sometimes ulcerations, itchiness, dry flaking skin, pain when peeing, painful intercourse, sometimes loss of libido.

Men Health

The symptoms of oral Candidiasis are; white / yellowish spots on mucous membranes, thick white coated tongue, cracks in tongue, problems swallowing, and, bad breath.

On the skin look for rashes, lesions, eczema, acne, etc.

The cause of Candidiasis in men is the same as in women; a yeast-like fungus called Candida albicans. This is found in all of us quite naturally but is normally easily controlled by the friendly bacteria in our bodies. Sometimes the good guys can be overwhelmed though, and the Candida albicans 'overgrows' to such a level that it causes what we call Candidiasis, or, Candida, Moniliasis, Yeast Infection, or Thrush. Penile Candidiasis is more likely to occur in uncircumcised men, since the Candida albicans just loves the dark, warm, moist areas of the body.

There are many reasons why the beneficial bacteria cannot prevent the fungal overgrow. And of course if we know why this happens, we are well on the way to curing the infection faster, and more importantly, preventing it returning ever again. Some of the more common reasons are; overuse of antibiotics and / or steroids, diabetes, compromised immune system, bad diet, so-called recreational drugs, ill-health, some medications, obesity, etc. 

Treatment for Candidiasis in men is normally by drug-based topical antifungal medications that normally work between seven and fourteen days. These are available by prescription or over-the-counter. For severe Candidiasis oral tablets may also be in order. The downside of using drug-based treatment for some men are the bad side-effects of some drugs and the ability of the yeast infection to come back, sometimes repeatedly.

Also, when you think about it, these drug-based medications cannot address the underlying causes of the Candida overgrow in the first place: things like your diet, general health and 'lifestyle' issues as shown above. So if these are not identified and sorted out quickly your cure can take much longer than necessary, and, there is a much higher chance that your yeast infection will return.

This has forced many men to turn to alternative, more holistic therapies to cure their Candidiasis fast and permanently. And there are even reports of cures within 12 hours, using these completely natural home-based remedies.  

Candidiasis in Men - How to Cure Male Candidiasis, Fast & Permanently

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Men's Health Tips

For a healthy life every human irrespective of their gender needs to regulate their intake of water in the right amounts. The water consumption helps in flushing out the harmful components of the body and helps in regulating the moisture level of the skin and the teeth. Though it may sound incredible, but, the right water levels help in whiter teeth as they make the surface of the teeth difficult for the stain and the bacteria to deposit on the teeth. The better hydrated the teeth will be, the better will be the chances of attaining whiter teeth.

A healthy consumption of water for men includes drinking up to three liters of water on daily basis to curb the hunger pangs, smoothing the digestive process and preventing aging. However, men tend to drink water during the meetings and other corporate affairs immediately after a cup of coffee or steaming bowl of soup. This should be avoided, as it causes the pores of the teeth to expand and contract and the dirt and grime gets a chance of sinking in through these pores.

Men Health

Also when drinking dark colored cocktails and juices, it is recommended that one drinks making use of the straws so that one can avoid the chance of staining their teeth. Men who are over the age of thirty years should make sure to get their thyroid levels checked annually, as it may be responsible for their weight gain or fatigue related symptoms.

One of the problems that the aging men face is the receding hairline. This can be solved by making use of the pumpkin seed oil and massaging it into the scalp to reduce dramatically, the process of hair fall. Instead of the ready to eat food or the fast food, men should try to include the right proportions of the vegetables, fruits and the whole grain sources into their daily regimes. This will help them in benefiting from the good carbohydrates and the proteins, while allowing their digestive system to enjoy a smooth working due to the fiber consumed into the body.

Make sure to inculcate exercising regimes into the daily plans. However, it is important not to overdo during the exercising regimes as it might cause injury to the muscles of the body. Whenever possible exchange your medium of reaching the destiny by walking. Furthermore make sure to get the thyroid levels and the testosterone levels checked at regular intervals. This is vital to the health of the men who are above the age of thirty years. In order to avoid the after shave burns, the men should make use of the aloe Vera or other soothing elements like cucumber gels for mitigation of the burns.

Men's Health Tips

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Videos on How to Perform Brazilian Wax, Male and Female Versions

Brazilian wax isn't only a women's thing. In fact, The Best of Fox 10 News feature what the Men's Health mag has uncovered about their readers: Men think that Brazilian is cool and glamorous. In fact Brazilian wax has become the center of everything now. Danielle Marcelino, the "Queen of Waxing," of Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa, says that many men think that a full Monty is a must, "Making them feel sexier, smoother," says Marcelino. Brazilian wax is indeed, a trend both men and women feel will be here for quite some time. Whether you want to do it as a casual task or as a professional it is quite essential that you watch the Brazilian wax videos.

By watching a Brazilian wax video you will be able to actually visualize the procedure the reactions of your patient and also the coordination between the patient and the professional doing it. The professional aesthetician relies on viewing waxing sessions, as well as knowledge, experience, and trade secrets of fast and efficient temporary hair removal procedures. Learning the art of Brazilian waxing is one thing and getting to know the feelings of their customers is one thing. An aesthetician is expected to attend the a full fledged classroom course in waxing. But waxing is not really something that you can just learn from a classroom; the business of Brazilian waxing is really all about people.

Men Health

All the Brazilian waxing professionals have learned it as part of their family business by watching someone in their home and certainly not by reading the books. If you don't have a family business to guide you to this career, there are thousands of Brazilian waxing videos that you can purchase online to get you started. These videos are best suited for those who want to become aestheticians as well as the ones who have curious patients. Unlike reading materials, Brazilian waxing videos include almost everything a future practitioner needs to know in performing a Brazilian wax.

Due to the latest craze the Brazilian waxing videos are being sold by every other merchant online these days. The video you are going to purchase must entail all the vital details you are looking for. You need to be aware of the proper procedure to be undertaken to make the waxing relaxed and quick for your customers. You need to take care of your customers especially the ones getting this procedure done for the first time as Brazilian waxing is a very intricate procedure. The Brazilian waxing videos must be descriptive enough to give your the A to Z of the entire procedure.

Without any exception to man or woman everyone is going in essentially for the Brazilian waxing. It is for the sake of sanitation and neatness that most of the men and women get it done rather than to look chic as in the Hollywood. A video should be able to provide you with information to teach you the tricks to perform the Brazilian wax service both for men and women as quickly as possible.

Videos on How to Perform Brazilian Wax, Male and Female Versions

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Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Increase Your Male Libido Naturally

To increase male libido naturally, you should try the supplements outlined here - not only will they increase male libido they will also make you feel happier and healthier.

So here are the best supplements for increasing male libido:

Men Health

· L argentine

This nutrient is highly important for peak sexual performance. In fact, it is probably the most effective natural supplement for increasing male libido.

Current studies support the use of argentine supplements to ensure that nitric oxide secretion is sufficient to keep blood flowing to the penis.

Nitric oxide insufficiency can stop the penis from becoming erect, as it relaxes smooth muscles in the penis during sexual stimulation, allowing increased blood flow to the penis - so it's needed to produce and sustain an erection.

A study published in 1994 showed an 80 percent improvement in the erectile function of men given 2.8 grams of argentine a day for two weeks.

· L Tyrosine

Supports and assists neurotransmitters in the brain. Reduced levels of L-Tyrosine are present when your body's under stress, aged, or tired.

L-Tyrosine supplementation helps reduce stress, improves mental alertness, and enhances mood, which in many instances manifests itself in increased male libido.

· Gingko Bilbao

Used to improve blood flow around the body, and functions as an anti-oxidant in the body.

Ginkgo is a standard herbal remedy for male sexual dysfunction and increasing male libido, due to its affect on blood circulation.

· Ginseng

Korean Ginseng - used in China as a sexual balancer and revitalizing tonic for over 7000 years - an adaptogen, and believed to help maintain balance in the body and help the body adapt to stress.

Korean Ginseng is widely known for its ability to boost energy (including sex drive) and support the immune system.

As an adaptogen, it also helps you adapt to physical or emotional stress and fatigue.

Ginseng also has a normalizing effect on hormone imbalances, and boosts metabolic rate, as well as improving blood flow to the genitals.

· Selenium

Selenium - believed to be good for sperm production and mobility - nearly 50% of the selenium in a man is in the testes and seminal ducts; men lose selenium in their semen.

Getting enough selenium is therefore vital for peak sexual performance and male libido.

· Zinc

Zinc is required for the production of testosterone, and the zinc content of the prostate gland and sperm, is higher than in any other body tissues.

A deficiency of zinc is associated with numerous sexual problems, including sperm abnormalities and prostate disease.

Zinc not only helps produce testosterone, but also helps to maintain semen volume and adequate levels of testosterone, therefore maintaining sex drive and keeping sperm healthy.

· Magnesium

Magnesium is a trace mineral that is important for the production of sex hormones such as androgen, estrogen and neurotransmitters that modulate the sex drive - such as dopamine and nor epinephrine.

· Essential Vitamins

Vitamin A

Helps regulate the synthesis of the sex hormone progesterone.

Vitamin B1

Thiamine (B1) is essential for optimal nerve transmission and energy production throughout the body - which means it's essential for sex.

Vitamin C

Participates in the synthesis of hormones that are involved in sex and fertility: androgen, estrogen and progesterone

Vitamin E

Often referred to as the sex vitamin, is a powerful anti-aging antioxidant that protects cell membranes from free-radical damage.

Vitamin E is also required for the synthesis of hormones, and hormone like substances known as prostaglandin.

How to Increase Your Male Libido Naturally

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

General Warts Treatment in Men

Having warts can be very frustrating. When a man gets warts there is frequent itching and pain. In some cases, having warts can also be extremely embarrassing. This is why finding general warts treatment for in men is very important. If you don't attend to your warts problems immediately, things can turn for the worse.

Genital warts or warts are due to the Human Papilloma Virus. Despite the prevalence of such case, finding the right kind of treatment for a person is still a tricky business. One of the main reasons why some people go untreated is because there are those who get embarrassed to expose themselves to another stranger. In order to determine the state of the warts, it is necessary for a doctor to inspect the private region. Nonetheless, regardless of that fact, it is necessary for doctors to conduct a check-up to properly treat the case.

Men Health

Warts generally develop in people aged 15-40. Several studies revealed that around 50-75% of sexually active individuals are at risk to get in contact with warts. It is also highly likely that they will develop the condition. There are instances wherein the body can take care of the warts removing them in span of time, however, without proper treatment, infections can continue to develop. The question now is: how do you get general warts treatment in men?

Good thing for scientific advancement, many researches were able to give way to different kinds of warts treatment. There are many medications and treatments now available for people with warts. If you want to know more about the treatments, then it's time to go see your doctor. Despite the countless testimonials and reviews out there, the only way you can find the most suitable treatment for your condition is to consult professional health expert.

General Warts Treatment in Men

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Men's Health - Angst, Man Boobs and Strategies

Why is there so much angst about man boobs. If you truly have Gynecomastia, then boost your testosterone level with a supplement, shot or cream. When you get your hormones back in balance, then your man boobs will go back to looking like a man's chest. Right? Wrong.

There is no "Easy Button" in life. This includes losing your man boobs. But not just that issue, almost all health issues cannot be solved by simply adding a vitamin, hormone, mineral, whatever... You must go to the root cause and ascertain why your body is lacking that vitamin, hormone, mineral or whatever.

Men Health

After you find out the why, then it is important that you solve the source problem and not just paint over the rust...

In the opening paragraph I suggested that we just add testosterone to the body thereby tipping the balance in the direction we desire. Unfortunately when we do that we signal our body that we have more than enough testosterone and our very efficient body then shuts down all natural testosterone production. As you can conclude, we now have created an addict. Because if you stop the augmentation of testosterone, there is no natural production to maintain the correct level.

It has been often stated that Gynecomastia symptoms occur when there is a hormone imbalance: too much Estrogen, too little Testosterone. Why is there an imbalance? Either the male body is making too much Estrogen or too little Testosterone. Which is it, or is it both?

A small tangent here, sometimes... the most effective strategy is to trick your body into believing a situation, then your body will respond and fix the issue by itself.

Another tangent - we do not want to disturb the balance of the body because all things relate to all things. If you push in one direction with pharmaceuticals or surgery, then you knock the body out of balance. The body reacts. Often it overreacts and the result is another imbalance now with a different issue. This continues indefinitely because you never addressed the source of the first problem and 'convinced' your body to solve it by itself.

Back to man boobs. What we need is something which will do one or all of the following:

Tell the male body that there is too much estrogen, then the male body will depress the production of estrogen. Tell the male body that there is a shortage of testosterone, then the male body will increase the production of testosterone.

The recommended long term solution is a diet and exercise program which creates the environment within the male body which stimulates natural testosterone production.This solution is not an Easy Button as I said earlier. It is certainly not impossible or difficult, but it does require persistence and discipline.

The closest thing to an Easy Button is called a Luteinizing Hormone (LH). The Tribulus Terrestis herb causes the body to increase production of LH which starts the chain of events which ends in more testosterone and a more normal hormone balance in the male body.

This herb actually has beneficial effects for both men and women.

Men's Health - Angst, Man Boobs and Strategies

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Friday, October 7, 2011

The "P" Spot - Is the Perineum the New Erogenous Zone for Men and Women?

The Perineum - What Is It

The Perineum is an area located between the groin and the rectal orifice. This small diamond shaped area is considered an erogenous zone in both men and women. In men, the area is often sensitive to slight pressure during stimulation, and can produce a wonderful heightened sensation. The perineum has the potential to be incredibly sensitive because of numerous nerve endings concentrated in it. Although knowledge of this sensitive area of the body is well established it is only recently that the perineum (or "P-Spot") is garnering new attention as an erogenous zone.

Men Health

More Orgasms Than Ever Before?

Because of the sensitivity of the perineum, many individuals are experiencing more frequent and more intense orgasms. If the perineum is sufficiently sensitive then it will be very receptive to stimulation in a variety of ways that will increase the number and intensity of orgasms in both men and women.

The Key to Perineum Stimulation

Although the perineum can be stimulated to increase the number and intensity of orgasms in both men and women it is most important that the perineum be "prepared" for an enhanced role in sexual satisfaction Since there are many nerve endings located in the perineum as well as a concentrated blood flow, increasing the sensitivity of these nerves and increasing blood circulation in the perineum are key to enhanced sexual response.

How to Increase the Sensitivity of the Perineum

Increasing blood flow to the perineum can enhance sensitivity and satisfaction. Certain vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A, B5 and E help to increase blood flow by opening up the veins and capillaries in the perineum. The increased blood flow will increase sensitivity to the area by providing additional oxygen exchange to the cells. Use a specific vitamin crème or lotion containing essential vitamins and minerals, such as Acetyl L Carnitine and L Arginine, that will increase neural sensitivity. These vitamins and minerals will increase sensitivity of the perineum and will enhance the level of satisfaction that is received when this area is stimulated. Use a vitamin crème instead of vitamin pills or lotions as the perineum is small and close to surface of skin. Vitamin cremes direct application and complete absorption of vitamins and minerals to the perineum.

Not Everybody's Perineum is the Same

Although the physical structure of the perineum is the same in all individuals, the degree of sensation may vary from individual to individual. Some men and women who experience a more heightened sensitivity of the perineum during arousal tend to have more responsive nerves and blood flow in the perineum. For many of these men and women who are enjoying greater sexual satisfaction through P spot stimulation the perineum is highly sensitive due simply to a unique physical structure for that particular individual. For the majority of men and women in order to benefit from greater sensation it is necessary to enhance both the neural and circulatory aspects of the perineum. Bur the results, according to those who do so successfully, are well worth the little bit of effort. Experimentation with this particular area may yield different results depending on the relative sensitivity of the individual. Use recommended vitamins and minerals (Man1 Man Oil is often recommended by health professionals) to increase perineum sensitivity with the hope of benefitting from increased sexual satisfaction from P-spot stimulation.

The "P" Spot - Is the Perineum the New Erogenous Zone for Men and Women?

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Men Thrush - Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Men Thrush

Are you suffering from painful men thrush? If so, this is a very treatable condition. This article is going to share with you what exactly this infection is and how you can treat it successfully at home.

Thrush in men is caused by the same microorganism that causes yeast infections in women. Thrush is due to an overgrowth of naturally occurring yeast found in the body called candida albicans - candida for short. Candida is found normally in the genitourinary tract, the mouth, throat, skin, digestive tract, and within the bowels. When your body chemistry is not in balance, candida can multiply and cause painful yeast infections to arise.

Men Health

Causes of Men Thrush:
Thrush in men can be caused by a variety of different factors. Just like women, it is when your body's chemistry is out of balance.

Here are a few causes of male yeast infections:

- Prolonged antibiotic use (kills all the good bacteria)
- Impaired immune systems (i.e. HIV)
- Diabetes
- Intercourse with a partner who has a yeast infection
- Nonoxynol-9: a common spermicide used in condoms

There can be other causes of thrush in men but these are the most common.

Symptoms of Men thrush:
There are a variety of symptoms of thrush in men and they will vary depending on the person and where the infection is. Yeast can occur on the skin, in the mouth, and within the genitourinary tract. Uncircumcised men are more likely than circumcised men to get male candidiasis yeast infections.

Here are a few symptoms of men thrush of the penis:

- Red and itchy rash
- Soreness
- Discharge
- Itching burning
- Burning during intercourse

These symptoms can also be due to a sexually transmitted disease (STD), so if you suspect this may be the case, you should visit your doctor.

Treatment of Men Thrush:
Male candidiasis infections can be treated in the same manner as females.  You can purchase "over-the-counter" fungal medications such as Monistat or something similar.  You can also effectively treat men thrush at home with homeopathic treatments such as applying yogurt, soaking in a bath full of vinegar, and making small dietary changes such as reducing the sugars and barley you consume.

Men Thrush - Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Men Thrush

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Top 40 Health Quotations

"Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year."-- Franklin P. Adams "He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything."-- Arabian Proverb "To get rich never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth."-- Richard Baker "There's lots of people who spend so much time watching their health, they haven't got time to enjoy it."-- Josh Billings "Health has its science, as well as disease. "--Elizabeth Blackwell "Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died. "--Erma Bombeck "Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do practice? "--George Carlin "The poorest man would not part with health for money, but the richest would gladly part with all their money for health. "--Charles Caleb Colton "As I see it every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself."--Adelle Davis "Preserving health by too severe a rule is a worrisome malady."--Francois de La Rochefoucauld "You can set yourself up to be sick, or you can choose to stay well."-- Wayne Dyer "Give me health and a day and I will make the pomp of emperors ridiculous."--Ralph Waldo Emerson "The first wealth is health."-- Ralph Waldo Emerson "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."-- Benjamin Franklin "Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing."--Redd Foxx "Health is not valued till sickness comes."--Dr. Thomas Fuller "A Hospital is no place to be sick."--Samuel Goldwyn "Health is not simply the absence of sickness."--Hannah Green "Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos - the trees, the clouds, everything."--Thich Nhat Hanh "A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses."--Hippocrates "The groundwork of all happiness is health."-- Leigh Hunt "The oneness of mind and body holds the secret of illness and health. "--Arnold Hutschnecker "Health is worth more than learning."--Thomas Jefferson "We cannot seek or attain health, wealth, learning, justice or kindness in general. Action is always specific, concrete, individualized, unique."-- Benjamin Jowett "One out of 4 people in this country is mentally imbalanced. Think of your 3 closest friends-if they seem okay, then you're the one." --Ann Landers "To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life."-- William Londen "It's no longer a question of staying healthy. It's a question of finding a sickness you like."--Jackie Mason "Quit worrying about your health. It'll go away."--Robert Orben "What some call health, if purchased by perpetual anxiety about diet, isn't much better than tedious disease."--George Dennison Prentice "The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results."-- Anthony Robbins "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."-- Jim Rohn "Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory."--Albert Schweitzer "A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools."-- Spanish Proverb "People who overly take care of their health are like misers. They hoard up a treasure which they never enjoy."-- Laurence Sterne "Measure your health by your sympathy with morning and Spring. "--Henry David Thoreau "Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."--Mark Twain "The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease."--François Voltaire "Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it."-- Unknown "Time And health are two precious assets that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted."-- Denis Waitley "Look to your health; and if you have it, praise God and value it next to conscience; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of, a blessing money can't buy."--Izaak Walton

Men Health

Top 40 Health Quotations

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Perfect Food For Natural Male Enhancement

Pumps, vacuums, surgeries - these might just be a bit too scary to get into for anyone who wants to enhance his manhood. Contraptions and devices can be intimidating and are admittedly not all too discreet. There are male enhancement pills advertised everywhere but the side effects are even scarier with prospects of contracting life threatening diseases. Anyone who wants to have a better chance at sexual performance can eat food for natural male enhancement. There is no need to have culinary talents to have food for natural male enhancement. These are regular food items that are available in most groceries and in anyone's pantry.

Eating a healthy diet loaded with vitamins and minerals as well as with whole, unrefined, fresh, and unprocessed foods is one of the important things to do in a male enhancement regimen. Some food for natural male enhancement include: fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains, beans and olive oil. Cold-water fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, and halibut are also recommended food for natural male enhancement. As a healthy lifestyle is recommended for anyone who is working towards male enhancement, all junk food should be avoided at all times, along with dairy food, sugar, refined food, fried food, and caffeine.

Men Health

These are the general dietary guidelines that will improve anyone's manhood. There are specific food for natural male enhancement that are known to result in better erectile functioning. These food are rich in vitamins and minerals that increase blood circulation and improve conditions of the heart and other bodily functions. Those who include these food for natural male enhancement in their diets have been known to exhibit desired results:

1. Snails - This food is rich in zinc, an antioxidant mineral that is important in enhancing sexual functioning. The abundance of zinc in snails as well as in oysters and shellfish helps in producing DNA, repairing cells, and improving the male reproductive system.

2. Bananas - Known to be a rich source of potassium, bananas help in regulating nerves, heartbeat, and blood pressure. Aside from bananas, orange juice and tomato products are also good sources of potassium.

3. Fish rich in omega-3 - Fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel contain healthy fat and omega-3 fatty acids which are good for the heart and blood circulation. Eating fatty fish is also known to reduce the risk of having prostate cancer.

4. Cabbage - This vegetable helps in preventing heart disease and cancer. It has phytochemicals, sulphoraphane, which help cure prostate cancer and colon cancer. Cabbage is a rich source of vitamin C, potassium and beta-carotene.

5. Berries and Cherries - Berries such as Acai berries and Acerola cherries are great anti-aging food that helps in erectile dysfunction. Acai berries contain anthocyanins, antioxidants known to protect brain functioning and aid blood flow to prevent arteries from blockages. Acerola cherries, on the other hand, are used as supplements for total health care with its high concentrations of vitamin C and other nutrients.

An important guideline in choosing food for natural male enhancement is to choose food that are low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals. It would be helpful to keep in mind that living a healthy lifestyle, and that includes diet, could result in better sexual performance.

The Perfect Food For Natural Male Enhancement

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Men's Health - Penis Hardness Factor Self Test

Want a better body, better sex and better overall health? Do your self " Penis hardness" test! Your penis is your barometer to your health. When your erection is hard steel, a rock hard - your life is good. The harder your erection, the healthier you are.

The researchers have made some important facts and links between your sexual activities with your health. If your blood vessels are elastic and healthy, your heart and brain will function well and have not difficulty in releasing nitric oxide thus your penis will hard like rock. Once you understand that your erection and health are connected, you shall start to take care of yourself.

Men Health

Your penis erection is an early warning sign like the canary birds in coal mine that warn the unseen danger. When atherosclerosis develops, it starts to clog up in your tiny vessels found in your penis long before it shows up in coronary arteries of the heart and other blood vessels in your body. This is a serious warning and indicator of cardiovascular problem that may be developing.

To determine your potential of heart and prevent erection problem, Steven Lamm, M.D. with Gerald Secor Couzens, advise these Penis Hardness factor Seft-Test in 3 steps.

Step 1# Nutrition Test - What you eat impacts how well you perform in bed.

What you shall do in this sexual nutrition test are :

1. Cut back on portion size. Eat 10% less each meals or about 500 calories a day ( 3 days in a row ).

2. Reduce fatty foods and top saturated fat like egg yolks, butter, cream, fatty red meats, and coconut oils.

3. Eat nine serving of fruits and vegetables each day to lower your cholesterol level.
4. Drink black or green tea

5. Eat Spicy food

Step 2# Sexual Supplements

Take these supplement :

1. Phycnogenol to enhance blood flow to heart and penis

2. L-arginine to increase nitric oxide production which means better blood flow to your body and specially to your penis

3. Take 3 grams of fish-oil for vascular support and protection.

4. OPCs ( Oligomeric proanthocyanidins ) to enhance the activity of vitamin C and E for improved blood flow

5. Horny goat weed

Step 3# Sexual Fitness

The best way to enhance your erection hardness, whet sexual appetite, boost self-esteem, and increase sexual activity is through regular physical activity. Below are exercises you could do to increase your physical fitness especially muscle involved in your love making activities.

1. Add more 5,000 steps to your daily hoofing

2. Add pushups, ab curls, and squats which strengthen your shoulder, chest, buttock and legs which are needed in your love making

3. Do cobra yoga move to relax your lower back, abdomen, hip and neck

4. Do stretching everyday

5. Do lunge

When you complete this program, you will certainly feel different. You will achieve measurable changes in flexibility, strength, and hardness. Hardness is a lifestyle, not 96 hours' worth of quick changes. The idea is to feel good about yourself emotionally and physically always. It's a lifestyle decision.

Adapted from The Hardness Factor: How to Achieve Your Best Health and Sexual Fitness at Any Age, by Steven Lamm, M.D., with Gerald Secor Couzens, (c) 2005 HarperCollins.

Men's Health - Penis Hardness Factor Self Test

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Skincare For Men - Do Men Use Skin Bleaching Creams?

Of course men use skin bleaching creams! Skincare for men has become big business. It increasingly involves lightening dark skin that men think is unattractive. Some men of color opt for overall skin bleaching to achieve a uniform, creamier skin tone.

Dark underarms are a perfect example of why men use skin lightening products.

Men Health

o The no-body-hair look is "in". Men shave or invest in permanent hair removal.
o That leaves darker underarm skin, which can look unclean.
o The goal is to have one light armpit color when shirtless or in a sleeveless tee.
o Some women find lighter underarm skin more attractive.

What to look for in a bleaching cream

A cream must inhibit melanin. You can go all-natural, with products made from kojic acid, alpha-arbutin, and Vitamin C. You can find older skin bleach made from chemicals. Most are rejected because of side effects and long term toxicity.

Other reasons men use lightening products.

1. Every day they shave, men see it in the mirror. They look tired. Older. Dark circles around the eye have to go. Men use lightening creams to do it. They work very well.
2. Moles, sun spots, freckles and liver spots can be bleached. Men use moisturizer, sun protection and even tan-in-a-bottle. Why not get rid of unsightly spots and dots? Men use bleaching products.
3. The media have been fascinated by the trend in full-body skin bleaching in the US. We've seen reports on a famous baseball player, and several Hollywood stars that have new, creamy skin.

Skincare For Men - Do Men Use Skin Bleaching Creams?

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