Monday, September 12, 2011

Sore penis - causes, symptoms and treatment

Causes - A wonderful penis by a number of things that are relatively simple, as can be caused, for example, aggressive sexual activity during masturbation or intercourse. Other causes of penis pain can vary depending on the depth of pain you feel. The first question you should ask to be, "My penis or painful sore inside or outside, or both?"

If you have pain then you may have an exterior of a number of conditions, such aslike a yeast infection, a sexually transmitted disease, psoriasis, balanitis, or a simple skin condition, just to name a few. However, if you live with your inner pain, sore penis, then you may have a urinary tract infection, a broken penis, scrotal infection that has spread to your penis, or penile ulcer.

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In fact, doctors suggest that there are more than 50 causes for a sore penis, mild to severe. Therefore, it is important that youConsult a doctor if your penis does not hurt more than a day or two. Most of the complaints of aggressive sex penis pain and easy bruising signs disappear, or show improvement after this time.

The symptoms of a sore penis, which does not vary disappear or improve after two days depending on the cause and the employee. Terms outer with red, flaky and irritated skin, can cause cracking, ulceration or bruising present. While most of the internal condition of a woundPenis work properly with symptoms such as pain and the inability of the penis, which means that during urination, sexual activity or appearance of the penis is concerned, may present. For example - If you break your penis, you hear a bang that will follow immediately with pain (If you think you broke my penis, it is important to consult a doctor).

The treatment for a sore penis depends on the condition thatThey have. The treatments of the penis with a special cream or a drug with possible operations vary. So if you have a painful punishment with persistent symptoms, it is important to seek medical advice, diagnosis was that you can be.

Health professionals often recommend a cream penis health, that many men suffer from the skin of the penis as a penis bruise helps. A quality penis cream health ("Man 1 ManOil "is recommended) should punishments certain vitamins and minerals and moisturizing choose to receive anti-bacterial properties and vitamin E for healthy skin and to treat skin problems of the penis of the penis.

Sore penis - causes, symptoms and treatment



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