Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Should Men Shave Their Privates?

There are many opinions on male pubic shaving and in this article we go through the benefits of shaving your privates. Some guys think it is unmanly to shave down there while others believe it provides many benefits both in bed and for hygiene.

Having lots of pubic hair is actually very un-hygienic. Pubic hair is a great place for germs and bacteria to live and grow. These germs and bacterias cause odors and infections which isn't good for your private area. By shaving your pubes you help keep your privates clean and odor free which is always a good thing.

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Recent polls show that the majority of women prefer intimacy with men who shave their privates and keep it clean down there. You are more likely to have a good ending on your next date if you take some time to shave your pubes.

Another very popular benefit is the fact that you get an extra optical inch. Since the length of your member is not fully shown when it is hidden under a large amount of pubes, when you shave or trim the area you reveal your full length and it looks like you've grown an extra inch. This is a great confidence boost for you and will impress her as well.

Male pubic shaving isn't as hard as it seems, the important thing is to use the right tools. For example many guys make the mistake of using a razor blade and aftershave, this can actually cause more harm and you won't be enjoying the after effects.

Why Should Men Shave Their Privates?

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