Sunday, November 13, 2011

Girdles For Men For an Ailing Back

As a child, you've probably heard grown up chiding you to have better posture: shoulders rolled back, back straight and suck in your stomach. This was actually good advice if we ever remembered to follow it. This would have prevented a lot of problems with the back and spine later on life. Nowadays, it is support underwear to the rescue in order to cure what ails our back.

Although it might be a bit embarrassing for men to hear, support underwear is basically a girdle for men. While a girdle has been traditionally associated as women's underwear, for medical purposes, girdles are great for lower back and abdomen support. Wearing a girdle has the extra added benefit of looking slimmer in clothes.

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Male girdles have also come a long way. Before, the selection of girdles for men was extremely limited. Men even had to make do with female girdles and alter them in order to get the back and stomach support they needed. Thankfully, manufacturers of underwear have seen fit to design more support girdles for men without the frilly feminine undertones. This is in large part due to the improved fashion awareness that men now have. Men are now requesting comfort, functionality and style with their garments and this includes their underwear. The days of simple boxers or briefs, or even going commando are gone. When there are manly support briefs that can alleviate back pain as well as making one look slimmer, then this is the obvious choice. The next time you go underwear shopping, be on the look out for the next girdles for men as this might be the solution to your ailing back.

Girdles For Men For an Ailing Back

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