Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why Women Have a Fear of Men

There are a lot of women all over the world that suffer from a severe fear of men. There are a lot of things that can contribute to this, and here we will look at what some of them are.

Beatings that have been endured by a woman are one reason for women to be afraid of men. This can have a very devastating on the life that the women has after the attack. It can result in a lot of negative things that they may have to endure for a very long time, sometimes the rest of their lives.

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Many women are victims of emotional abuse by men that are in their lives. This can be another thing that can make them have a fear of men as well. The intimidation and humiliation that they endure through the emotional abuse can take years for them to come to terms with, if they ever do.

There are situations where women that are around men that show outbursts that are very loud and angry in nature tend to show the signs of fearing men as well. They may be afraid that the anger that the men feel will get out of control and be turned towards them at some point in time.

Violent crimes like rape are another huge factor that can cause the development of fear of men in women. This is understandable considering the trauma that is associated with the ordeal that they have been through. They often feel that they will never be able to trust a man again, which can also lead to some very serious issues that they have to endure in their lives.

Many women undergo psychiatric treatment for the fear of men that they feel. Sometimes this treatment requires them to be placed on medication to cope with the feelings that they have with regards to their fears.

Why Women Have a Fear of Men

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