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Pictures of Yeast Infection in Men

How can pictures of yeast infection (also known as candidiasis & thrush) be useful to someone who suspects they may have the disease?

Most men are reticent about illnesses that are sexually transmitted or have potentially embarrassing stigmatic associations (NB. Yeast infection is not necessarily transmitted and can occur for a variety of reasons). However, even though candidiasis is seen more frequently seen in women, men can fall prey to it too and should not take it lightly. There are several causes of this illness and there are many natural as well as allopathic remedies for it.

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Yeast infection in men is usually noticed on areas such as the penis, in the mouth and some other areas on the body. It usually attacks those areas of the skin that have folds and that don't get a chance to dry off. This fungal growth just loves areas which are not exposed to the sun and are wet and warm. Therefore one of the best ways to deal with this kind of infection is to make sure you wear clothes that absorb sweat. Also, areas of the skin which have folds should be thoroughly dried after exercising and after a shower.

As far as visual symptoms of this disease are concerned a photograph or picture of the male penis of an infected person will show an unmistakable angry red irritation which can be rather painful. Areas affected by the fungal growth can be gnawingly itchy and sore. Sometimes candidiasis causes dry broken skin which when scratched can cause flakiness and dry skin to fall off. Candidiasis in men and women both can be very painful especially during urination and intercourse. It is advised not to graze these areas with fingernails because this could lead to other problems like bleeding and worsening of the infection.

As far as Candidiasis in the mouth is concerned, one should look out for patchy white skin on the tongue and also sometimes a creamy coating on the tongue. Candidiasis makes it very hard for a person to eat and swallow and he will also constantly be plagued with bad breath. In other areas of skin in the body this illness can cause dry flaky patches and even red lacerations accompanied by pimples and inflammation.

Candidiasis in men and women should be treated with some urgency as inflamed and broken skin can pick up other infections from the environment. If neglected completely Candidiasis can spread to the intestines, esophagus and the urinary tract. Antibiotics can worsen the situation by killing off bacteria that is important to fight yeast overgrowth and should be avoided. Natural remedies are in abundance and should be used whenever possible. Topical applications of garlic, curd and iodine are said to give relief. There are also medications which doctors prescribe including anti-fungal ointments and pills.

Pictures of Yeast Infection in Men

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