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Men's Health - Angst, Man Boobs and Strategies

Why is there so much angst about man boobs. If you truly have Gynecomastia, then boost your testosterone level with a supplement, shot or cream. When you get your hormones back in balance, then your man boobs will go back to looking like a man's chest. Right? Wrong.

There is no "Easy Button" in life. This includes losing your man boobs. But not just that issue, almost all health issues cannot be solved by simply adding a vitamin, hormone, mineral, whatever... You must go to the root cause and ascertain why your body is lacking that vitamin, hormone, mineral or whatever.

Men Health

After you find out the why, then it is important that you solve the source problem and not just paint over the rust...

In the opening paragraph I suggested that we just add testosterone to the body thereby tipping the balance in the direction we desire. Unfortunately when we do that we signal our body that we have more than enough testosterone and our very efficient body then shuts down all natural testosterone production. As you can conclude, we now have created an addict. Because if you stop the augmentation of testosterone, there is no natural production to maintain the correct level.

It has been often stated that Gynecomastia symptoms occur when there is a hormone imbalance: too much Estrogen, too little Testosterone. Why is there an imbalance? Either the male body is making too much Estrogen or too little Testosterone. Which is it, or is it both?

A small tangent here, sometimes... the most effective strategy is to trick your body into believing a situation, then your body will respond and fix the issue by itself.

Another tangent - we do not want to disturb the balance of the body because all things relate to all things. If you push in one direction with pharmaceuticals or surgery, then you knock the body out of balance. The body reacts. Often it overreacts and the result is another imbalance now with a different issue. This continues indefinitely because you never addressed the source of the first problem and 'convinced' your body to solve it by itself.

Back to man boobs. What we need is something which will do one or all of the following:

Tell the male body that there is too much estrogen, then the male body will depress the production of estrogen. Tell the male body that there is a shortage of testosterone, then the male body will increase the production of testosterone.

The recommended long term solution is a diet and exercise program which creates the environment within the male body which stimulates natural testosterone production.This solution is not an Easy Button as I said earlier. It is certainly not impossible or difficult, but it does require persistence and discipline.

The closest thing to an Easy Button is called a Luteinizing Hormone (LH). The Tribulus Terrestis herb causes the body to increase production of LH which starts the chain of events which ends in more testosterone and a more normal hormone balance in the male body.

This herb actually has beneficial effects for both men and women.

Men's Health - Angst, Man Boobs and Strategies

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