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Men's Health - How To Lose Man Boobs

The medical name for the condition is gynecomastia (gyneacomastia) which in the Greek language means man with breasts. The vernacular for the condition is "man boobs" or "moobs". There are two varieties of man boobs. There are two prime causes of the condition and this is the best way to differentiate between the two types. The physical symptoms of gynecomastia are:

-puffy nipples

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-oversized nipples

-enlarged breasts

-excessive fatty tissue in the chest

-excessive fatty tissue in the breasts

-hormone imbalance with either too little testosterone or too much estrogen.

All of the symptoms do not necessarily coexist. This condition is defined as gynecomastia. It is caused by either 'hormone imbalance' or 'obesity.'

Man boobs can occur for various reasons. Often the age of the male involved is a factor. Often pre-teenage males and adolescents temporarily suffer from hormone imbalances which result in physical manifestations like man boobs. This is temporary and passes with puberty or time. In adult males, hormone imbalances could happen naturally or they could be the result of medication. Irrelevant of age, man boobs will cause embarrassment which will have psychological effects if not treated.

When obesity is the cause of man boobs, the obvious solution is to lose weight. By making sensible life style choices, one can reduce one's weight. Dieting alone can reduce one's weight. However, if you combine a sensible diet with exercise, the results will happen more quickly and more likely be permanent. There are many options which address weight loss. Surgery is one possible strategy to remove the fatty chest tissue. One must consider the cost, the risk of scarring, and the general risks associated with any surgery before selecting this option. When using exercise to reduce chest fat, one must be certain to perform effective exercises or to tell your trainer what you want to accomplish. This may be embarrassing, but if you do not level with yourself and your trainer, you actually may increase your chest size by doing the wrong kind of exercises.

If hormone imbalance is the cause of man boobs, then one must work toward a proper balance of testosterone and estrogen. There are medical products available. However, with pharmaceutical products one must accept the risks associated with recalls, side effects, human error in diagnosing, packaging and dispensing, and so on. Using all natural supplements, is another alternative but there are still some risks involved here as the human factor is involved in packaging and dispensing. The ideal solution is to use your diet to adjust the hormonal balance within your body.

The subject of man boobs is often treated lightly with funny comments. Examples of ridicule are found in the recent movie "Knocked Up" and the TV show "Family Guy". However, are you too embarrassed to wear a t-shirt? Do you avoid swimming because you must take off your shirt before you get in the water? Is your love life suffering because your partner does not find your man boobs attractive or comfortable? Are you too embarrassed to be seen in public with or without a shirt? Suddenly, the subject is not so humorous.

Save yourself some emotional trauma and seek treatment whether you suffer from hormone imbalance or obesity. Get some information. Find out how to lose man boobs. There is nothing to risk in looking, all you have to lose is your "man boobs".

Men's Health - How To Lose Man Boobs

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