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Skincare For Men - Do Men Use Skin Bleaching Creams?

Of course men use skin bleaching creams! Skincare for men has become big business. It increasingly involves lightening dark skin that men think is unattractive. Some men of color opt for overall skin bleaching to achieve a uniform, creamier skin tone.

Dark underarms are a perfect example of why men use skin lightening products.

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o The no-body-hair look is "in". Men shave or invest in permanent hair removal.
o That leaves darker underarm skin, which can look unclean.
o The goal is to have one light armpit color when shirtless or in a sleeveless tee.
o Some women find lighter underarm skin more attractive.

What to look for in a bleaching cream

A cream must inhibit melanin. You can go all-natural, with products made from kojic acid, alpha-arbutin, and Vitamin C. You can find older skin bleach made from chemicals. Most are rejected because of side effects and long term toxicity.

Other reasons men use lightening products.

1. Every day they shave, men see it in the mirror. They look tired. Older. Dark circles around the eye have to go. Men use lightening creams to do it. They work very well.
2. Moles, sun spots, freckles and liver spots can be bleached. Men use moisturizer, sun protection and even tan-in-a-bottle. Why not get rid of unsightly spots and dots? Men use bleaching products.
3. The media have been fascinated by the trend in full-body skin bleaching in the US. We've seen reports on a famous baseball player, and several Hollywood stars that have new, creamy skin.

Skincare For Men - Do Men Use Skin Bleaching Creams?

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